An encounter with the Anthropocene II
Technologies of the Self Since Tabula Rasa Eva Weller 2018 150 x 100 x
The Husband 4.2_edited1
The Husband 4.3_edited1
Nazar Eva Weller
Newlyweds Matthijs & Carolien Radder
Pelican 2017 Eva Weller
Pelican in the sun with frame 2017 Eva Weller _edited1
Happiness square Eva Weller 2018 _edited1
Mother and Child 2017 Eva Weller
Moscow Mules and Karaoke - Since Tabula Rasa - Eva Weller - 2019 - 120
Many layers were needed after this confrontation with so-called civili
Natascha van Weezel 2017 Eva Weller 2
Natascha van Weezel, Max van Weezel, Anet Bleich - Family portrait - 2
Eva Weller Flower selfportrait in front of Living the Dream 2
Eva Weller Happiness
Eva Weller Happiness feline 2018
Filthy, rich, at what cost? Eva Weller 2018 Since Tabula Rasa
Cirque Jackob
A Childhood Memory 01.32
Bright future now!