Hello there, my name is Eva Weller. And as you might have noticed:

I love colours!

Surrounding myself with colours brings me joy and great energy and I've noticed that my clients experience the same. Messing around with bright and intense colours is a necessity for me. Although it took me a while to realize this.

A bit about my background

Ever since my childhood I've had a fascination for art and I joyfully participated in arts and crafts classes at elementary school. The paintings I made during these classes used to decorate the walls at home and guests would often ask my parents where they purchased the works. During my high school years at Vossius Gymnasium (Amsterdam, NL) I definitely enjoyed art class the most of all. Our art teacher taught us about the use of colors, materials, perspective, drawing different angles of the human body, even hired a nude model to pose for us, giggly teenagers. A subsitute told me that one of my works gave her such an overwhelming feeling, she would instantly give me a 10. Curiously, that piece that was nowhere to be found when I graduated. On my graduation day my art teacher made me promise to please continue making art, saying that art isn't just about the ability to recreate someone or something on a medium, but that it is about telling a story, creating a tension, which is a quality he considered me to have.

The use of monochromes to colours

Ever since I can remember, I have experienced an above average amount of fear. This almost consistend feeling of fear kept me from enjoying a childhood without worries. Later, contemplating the purpose of life, the negative thoughts grew. As mentioned above, I mostly enjoyed art class during my high school years. I realized that to me, painting is a way for me to escape from, but also to express the complicated world around me. Having a continuous conflict between positive and negative thoughts, I long to express both through my paintings. My early works are mostly made in monochromes. They represent my dark emotions, suffering from depressions. In 2010 I decided to bring more colour to my life. I wanted to be surrounded by colours to elevate my spirits and decided that all of my works should be layered in the most dynamic variety of colours. I went to the University of Amsterdam to study Art History, since I wanted to learn more about the art world. Now I'm picking up the brush while being aware of the artists that dominate the way we see the world of art.

A bit about my current works

'Happiness' has been hanging on my own wall for almost a decade now. The reason I made this work is to daily remind me of the positive aspects in life. The colourful lines give the impression of a rainbow waterfall, which elevates the room. However, peering through the rainbow elements of darkness and rough structure are exposed. These symbolise the negative events in life. It was the start of a series entitled 'Since Tabula Rasa'. One could say that these works represent events in life. And they have the purpose to inspire the viewer to keep an eye on the positive things in life. The colourful layers represent different emotions evoked by events. It's a struggle between reason and emotion, taught by your surroundings while growing up, on how to feel, behave, react to some occurring event.

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